Quality Assurance

All products of Fernco GmbH are subject to constant quality control by our quality management. In doing so, intensive tests are carried out at the critical points in the production cycle, based on the valid guidelines and our production standards.

Our quality management is documented and certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

The quality of the Fernco products is ensured by the independent institution “MPA NRW” (Materialprüfanstalt) in Dortmund.

This third-party surveyor has constant access to the production facilities, in order to be able to take samples from the inventories. These are tested in the laboratories of the MPA NRW and documented by corresponding test certificates.

The MPA NRW confirms the external monitoring carried out in accordance with DIN EN 295, part 4 with control checks. These are issued every six months.

All marked articles have a European approval "ETA 12-0410". This regulates the use of seals within the scope of the European Union.

Since Fernco is a worldwide supplier, we are, of course, in possession of the necessary certificates and certificates for the most important countries.


Certificates Fernco