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Since its foundation in 1995, Fernco GmbH has made it its goal to manufacture and supply the world’s largest range of flexible drainage and pipe connections. With the wide range of pipe connections, you will find a solution for every connection scenario in the fields of civil engineering and sanitation and all industries where any pipes need to be connected or joined. Fernco GmbH distributes its product range throughout Germany and Europe and has been producing a large part of the product range itself at its site in Eschwege for several years. “Made in Germany” and the associated quality are written in capital letters.
Fernco GmbH, together with its parent company Fernco Couplings Ltd., is the market leader in Europe and has made a good name for itself in the past through high quality standards and excellent delivery service – especially for pipe connection systems for the civil engineering sector. In addition to our well-known standard products, we develop and produce special solutions for our customers to solve all problems that arise when connecting different pipes. Fernco GmbH will play a key role in the expansion of the Fernco Group in the coming years for the steadily growing European market.
Since its foundation in 1995, Fernco GmbH has made it its goal to manufacture and supply the world’s largest range of flexible drainage and pipe connections.
Flexseal Benefits

Always a good connection

Fernco distributes its products as a manufacturer itself. As a specialist dealer, you can benefit from our service, our knowledge, our many years of experience and our good price-performance ratio. As a specialist dealer, you have the advantage of purchasing products directly from us as the manufacturer.

With us you will find for example:


Flexseal Quality

With Fernco as your partner, you have access to our large stock of civil engineering and sanitary products. The constant development of our products enables us to offer a solution for all pipe jointing requirements. We have an extensive range of couplings and also offer innovations for the sanitary and domestic engineering, civil engineering and water management sectors.

We offer you:

  • A large stock
  • Our own product development
  • Product quality “Made in Germany
  • A test stand where all our products are tested
  • Deliveries “Just in Time”
  • Special design for your individual needs


Fast delivery when you need it yesterday

In the case of a problem on the construction site, you as our customer can rely on us to be ready for you.

We don’t set an order cut off time as we’ll always do our best to get the goods out of the door whatever time the order is placed. When you do place an order with Fernco, our system will automatically keep you up-to-date throughout the entire process:

  • Order acknowledgements
  • Dispatch confirmations
  • Delivery tracking


Coupling Calculator

Are you looking for the right pipe connection? Then our sleeve calculator is the solution! The tool we developed makes it possible to find the right coupling for a connection problem quickly and easily. All we need is the pipe type and the nominal diameter.

Just 3 steps to the right coupling:

Coupling Calculator