About Fernco

Fernco is a specialised manufacturer of pipe connection technology for the civil engineering, sanitary and all industries where you have to connect or connect any pipes. You can find us, for example, in the ventilation industry, in agricultural machinery technology and with manufacturers of solar, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. We are characterised by a high quality standard, the continuous development of our product range and a comprehensive service.

In addition to standard couplings, we also develop special solutions for various requirements together with our customers. Fernco GmbH produces a large part of its product range in Northern Hessen and sells them to the civil engineering and plumbing trade throughout Europe. With Eschwege, we have found the ideal location for our European headquarters. Thanks to the central location in the geographical centre of Germany, we can deliver our products throughout Germany and Europe overnight.

Flexseal based in germany

Fernco is part of the world leading Fernco group of companies, with our head office in Michigan, USA.

Over the years, the group has grown to own and operate companies in 8 countries worldwide, with distribution partners into many more – all are dedicated to the manufacture and supply of the highest quality civils & drainage, plumbing and water management connections.

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The Fernco group of companies includes several brands: Fernco and Source One Environmental, all of which are closely connected to the manufacture and distribution of products for the connection, repair and upgrading of wastewater systems in many different sectors.

Fernco GmbH was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Fernco Ltd. It produces the majority of its products at the Eschwege site in Northern Hesse, Germany and distributes them to the civil engineering and sanitary trade throughout Germany and Europe.

Some history behind our group:

Established in 1964, Fernco began in a Master Plumber’s garage with a patent of the ‘Donut’, the original inspiration for the now, more modern flexible coupling. Fernco began to work closely with wholesale distributors to ensure products were manufactured and delivered quickly to meet customer demand. After more experimentation, Fernco introduced the first Fernco flexible coupling to the market in 1973 with a bid from Dallas, TX. Fernco has continued to manufacturer, innovate and expand its networks, employing team members across the world who have become apart of the Fernco Family throughout the last 55+ years.

Structure of the group

All our operations are strategically located to service our markets as effectively as possible. Fernco Inc in the US service America and Canada. Fernco Australia service Australia, New Zealand and Australasia. Fernco France service France. Fernco Germany service Continental Europe. Fernco UK service UK, Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

More information about us you will find on our website www.fernco.de/en