Couplings and Adaptors

Flexseal manufactures a wide range of couplings and adapters that connect rainwater and wastewater pipelines.

Adaptor Coupling

Flexseal Adaptor Couplings are designed to connect unadopted drainage pipes with different outside diameters.

Drain Coupling, Type 1

Flexseal Drain Couplings are used to connect, repair and maintain drainage systems and other small diameter non-pressure pipelines.

Standard Coupling, Type 2B

Flexseal shear banded couplings are specifically designed to connect and repair pipes on adopted sewer and drainage applications.

Internal Coupling

Flexseal manufactures a wide range of couplings that connect rainwater and wastewater pipelines using the internal surface.

TC Coupling, Type 2A

The TC coupling type 2A is basically designed for clay pipes of all manufacturers for use in the low pressure range up to 0.6 bar.

2B1 ALL-IN-ONE Universal Coupling
The 2B1 ALL-IN-ONE connects pipes of the same nominal diameter regardles of the material and the suface texture.
PROFLEX Shielded transition coupling

PROFLEX allows you to make pipe connections that are resistant to shear forces, while creating a rigid, long-lasting pipe joint.


Multipacks are connection sets for nominal sizes DN 100, DN 150 and DN 200 for the connection of sewage pipes of all types.