Puddle Flange

Fernco Puddle Flanges ensure a watertight and pressure-tight seal where pipes pass through concrete walls of any structure or building.

Available in EPDM, V2A

The Fernco puddle flange is used where pipes are to be passed through walls, masonry and floor slabs. In the case of water, groundwater or elevated groundwater levels near watercourses / rivers, the Fernco puddle flange placed on the pipe in the center of the masonry protects the building against penetrating moisture. In the case of swimming pools and floor troughs, the wall collar protects against leaking water or the subsoil in front of leaking liquids.

Fernco Puddle Flanges provide a quick, easy and effective solution. They can be connected to all standard pipe materials such as steel, plastic, stoneware, concrete, cast iron, HDPE etc from sizes 22mm outside diameter to any size above manufactured to project requirements. Common applications include, concrete walls, concrete tanks, manhole chambers, shafts, floor slabs/foundation plates and basements.

Technical Data

  • The independent material testing institute MFPA Leipzig GmbH has tested the Flexseal puddle fl anges for its sealing effect and confi rmed - depending on the diameter - a seal up to 10 bar
  • The elasticity of the puddle fl ange allows installation on pipes made of diff erent materials

More Information

More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) o.G.
Eccentric No