Pushfit Straight (DN 100/150)

The Icon Pushfits Straight for pipes with different outer diameters. It should be used when the external surface of a pipe is inaccessible and traditional couplings cannot therefore be used.

Pipe Size: DN100-DN150
Inside Diameter: 93-153mm
Tested to 2.5 bar inline pressure
Available in EPDM, plastic

Our range of Icon Pushfit Straight couplings are available in various sizes depending on the pipe(s) to be connected.

The connection process couldn’t be easier. Simply clean the internal surface of the pipes to be connected, push the coupling into the problem pipe and push the connecting pipe over the opposite end of the coupling. Designed to provide a reliable friction fit, these couplings are strong and long-lasting.

The Pushfit connector is only 52 mm on each side in the pipes to be connected and reduces the pipe cross-section by less than 10%!

It complies with all test criteria of DIN EN 295-4.

More Information

More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) o.G.
Eccentric No