The patented Flexseal compensating rings FLEXRING FR-100, FR-150 and FR-200, in conjunction with the respective coupling, solve nearly every connection problem in the specifi ed nominal range.

Size: DN100, DN150 & DN200
Thickness: 03/06/09 mm
Available in EPDM

The Flexseal Flexring is a foldable bush that adapts to three thicknesses and thus suiting multiple connection scenarios.

Available as a DN100, DN150 and DN200. Each size gives the user the ability to connect any two pipe materials of the same nominal diameter, thus reducing different configurations of stock required and improving reaction to unforeseen connection requirements.

Not only does the Flexring make connecting pipes to pipes less complex, the DN150 Flexring is also suitable for Unisaddles (FA150U and FA150B); allowing the user to connect any DN150 pipe into larger diameter main concrete drainage pipes.

More Information

More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) o.G.
Eccentric No