SCW Extra Wide Standard Coupling (Width 300mm)

The Standard Coupling Type SCW (Extra Wide) according to DIN EN 295, part 4 approved for the construction of sewage pipes of all types (up to AD 620 mm). 

Width: 300mm
Pressure tight up to 2.5 bar
Available in EPDM, NBR, V2A & V4A

Flexseal’s extra wide couplings have been developed primarily for connecting large diameter concrete pipes. The width of 300 mm allows a greater tolerance when cutting the tip end, as well as a greater movement margin of the pipe during settling and thermal expansion. For all SCW couplings up to 620 mm, particularly sturdy “Hi-Torque-Tensioning Straps” are used.

When the SCW couplings are installed in conjunction with a clay pipe, they meet the requirements of DIN EN 295, part 4. All SCW couplings withstand a water pressure of 2.5 bar. The outer diameter of the pipe(s) MUST be specified. 

ATTENTION: All SCW couplings from this table are ALWAYS custommade and can NOT be refunded!

More Information

More Information
Width (mm) 300
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) 2.5
Eccentric No