Drain Test Plug

The Drain Test Plug is ideal for pressure tests of sewer pipes through test connection with hollow screw. The test plug offers a simple and quick installation by inserting it into the pipe end (spigot end or socket).

Material: aluminum plates, EPDM rubber seal

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The Flexseal drain test plug is a versatile product for all sewer systems. Due to its robust nature, the drain test plug can be used again and again. The plate is inserted into the pipe end (spigot or sleeve) and seals on the inner wall of the pipe.

The drain test plugs consist of two aluminum washers between which an elastomeric hollow profi le is located. By means of a hollow screw and a wing nut, the washers are braced against one another and press the rubber profile against the inner wall of the pipe. The hollow screw also serves as a test connection to the water pressure test.

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More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) o.G.
Eccentric No