Drain Coupling

The Fernco Drain Couplings Typ 1 are used to connect, repair and maintain drainage systems and other small diameter non-pressure pipelines.

Pressure tight up to 0.6 bar
Available in EPDM, V2A

The type 1 drainage coupling is a molded injection elastomeric coupling with medium strength stainless steel straps on both ends.

It is suitable for use in drainage systems when there is no consideration for shear loads. Fernco drainage couplings are suitable for the connection of drainage pipes from a wide range of materials. They are available up to an outer diameter of 275 mm.

When used in combination with a clay pipe, these seals meet the requirements of DIN EN 294, Part 4.

Fernco drainage couplings have numerous application possibilities in the area of construction, the maintenance and repair of drainage and other pressureless pipelines of small diameter.

These include:

  • Repair of existing pipes by replacing short sections.
  • The connection of sleeveless pipes.
  • The use as an adapter between pipes of different materials with similar outer diameters

The sealing element is made of a high-quality elastomer according to DIN 681-1. The tensioning straps are made of highly corrosion resistant, austenitic stainless steel of grade W 1.4301 (V2A).

The installation example shown below shows the proper connection of an old stone pipe DN 100 (131 mm) to a stone pipe DN 100 (131 mm) from new production. This connection meets the requirements of DIN EN 295, Part 4!

More Information

More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) 0.6
Eccentric No