Adaptor Coupling

The Fernco Adaptor Couplings provide a solution to connecting pipes of different outside diameters.

Pressure up to 0,6 bar
Available in EPDM and V2A

Fernco adaptor couplings in accordance with DIN EN 295, part 4 create transitions between different pipe materials and nominal widths in the respective outer diameter range. Adaptor couplings should only be used for connections without high shear load requirements e.g. by uneven compaction or by traffic loads. When connecting pipes with different outside diameters (DN), the direction of flow must be observed. Fernco adaptor couplings are suitable for all pipe types if the corresponding outer diameters fit into the AD range of the table (1 + 2).

More Information

More Information
Country of origin United Kingdom
Torque (Nm) -
Pressure (bar) o.G.
Eccentric No